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RM 16.90 / PAIR

Nûby™ is making breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. The Natural Touch™ Nipple Protector is designed to help protect sore or cracked nipples and minimize pain during breast feeding. They are made of soft silicone which provides a safe barrier that protects the nipple, but is thin enough to maintain a natural feel for both mom and baby.

Fabulous Mom - Eco Washable Bra Pads (4 pieces)


RM 21.90 (4pcs) 

* Absorb milk leakage which prevents unsightly milk spots
* Brushed cotton lining which is soft and gentle against the skin
* Seamless and contoured for good and comfortable fit
* Beautiful lacy non-slip backing helps to hold pads in place
* Washable and reusable - Value Buy and Save the Earth too

Contains 4 layers: 
a lace outer layer, a waterproof layer, an absorbent layer, and an inner layer of soft, brushed flannel. Breathable materials for complete air circulation.


RM 28.00
RM 25.00

Our breast pads are now equipped with an innovative “Blue Core” Super Absorbent Layer which calls for instant absorption and evenly spread the breast milk into the core, resulting in a dry and non-sticky surface

The uniqueness of this breast pad also includes:

Surrounding anti-leak design
High breathable back sheet
Ultra absorbency up to 80ml
3D contoured
Double anti-slip adhesive strips


RM 69.00
SALE: RM 48.00

**Contains 2 Reusable Packs 
~ To ease the discomfort of Engorgement, Blocked Ducts and Mastitis. 
~ To promote blood flow, milk flow and enhances healing (leg cramps, back aches, stomach aches etc) 
~ To be used as cold compress to relieve pain or discomfort (migraine, fever, sports injury etc) 
~ Use warm or cool depending on your needs 
~ Elongated shape conforms to a variety of breast sizes and other body parts 
~ Comes with a soft and hand-washable pouch for maximum comfort 


Breastfeeding is best for baby's health. However, Engorgement, Blocked Ducts and Mastitis can add discomfort to the experience of being a new mother. Mom's Precious Hot and Cold Packs have been designed to bring you immediate and effective warming and cooling relief. 

Engorgement - Use cold compress first to relieve pain or discomfort before nursing then followed by warm compress may help the milk begin to flow. AVOID using warmth for more than a few minutes as it can increase swelling and inflammation. 

Blocked Ducts & Mastitis - Use warm with gentle massage just before a nursing session to improve milk flow and cool after & between nursing sessions to help soothe and reduce swelling. 

Directions Warm Therapy 

To Warm in Microwave: 

Because microwaves vary in power, you need to find the correct heating time carefully. Before you begin, flatten the pack and ensure gel is distributed evenly. Heat in the microwave for up to 60 seconds (30 secs per side). Before applying, knead pack and check temperature to ensure the comfortable feel on the packs. Apply wherever needed for 20 minutes. If required, you may re-heat for a further 10 seconds in microwave. 

To Warm in Hot Water: 

Use water which has just been boiled. Soak in the boiling water for approx. 5 min. Remove when its ready for use and insert into the pouch provided. Apply to the injury or area of discomfort. 

Directions Cool Therapy 

To Chill in Refrigerator: 

Place the packs in refrigerator or freezer compartment for at least 2 hours before use (for first time usage). Before applying, knead pack and check temperature to ensure the pack feels comfortable. Insert gel pack into the pouch. Apply where needed for 20 minutes. If required, re-cool in freezer for 10-20 minutes. 

To Clean: Carefully hand-wash with a mild soap in luke warm water and allow to dry before using. 

NOTE: Hot & Cold Packs may also be used to keep food or drinks warm OR chilled in an insulated bag.

Use only as directed. Discard if pack is punctured or torn and avoid eye or skin contact with, or ingestion of contents. Keep away from children. For external use only. If condition persists, consult your healthcare provider, midwife, or lactation consultant.

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